XtraEdge Gloves:

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XtraEdge is not just about fitness
...it’s about confidence
....it’s about dedication to your craft
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We’ve done workouts on the track, splitting the workout so we wore the gloves in the beginning and took them off the last 25% of the workout. With or without spikes, these gloves help the runners feel even faster and more confident.
— Multiple winner high school coach of the year Mike DeMay
When I use XtraEdge Gloves on the treadmill, my heart rate is 10 pts. higher and my arms always feel tired just like I feel after lifting weights.
— Robert A. Weekend Warrior
I swear I burn more calories and I get a lot more out of my 30 min. workout.
— Mandy B.
My arms are definitely getting more toned from wearing XtraEdge two days per week.
— David A.

There's a weighted glove for everyone.