The only weight glove designed for runners


XtraEdge gloves are weighted gloves designed specifically for runners and walkers.  They fit the hand perfectly and allow you the freedom to hold a phone or water bottle. XtraEdge gloves are ideal for people looking to get more fitness return/benefits from their aerobic workouts. 

We have tested the XtraEdge gloves with many runners, and we’re confident these gloves will be a difference maker for you because they’ll give you the extra edge in your training and racing whether you’re new to the sport or lifelong road warrior. You will feel and see an improvement – guaranteed or we will give you your money back.

We took a minimalist approach when designing our weighted gloves. We used the best wicking and breathable materials available that could also support the weights and prevent shifting when running. Your hands stay happy and cool if you are inside on a treadmill or outside on the track. The permanent weight in the top of the glove is a weighted sand so it conforms to your hand. The steel-coated palm weight is removable and designed to fit perfectly in your hand. XtraEdge gloves come in unisex sizes of small, medium and large.

I have felt the improvement in my heart rate and strength in my arms. These gloves have made a huge difference in my running!
— Robert V. - Weekend Warrior