XtraEdge gloves – Give yourself the extra edge


Our Mission

How many walkers/joggers/runners today get enough upper body strength training?  Probably less than 10%. Even high school, college, and elite competitors who regularly lift weights do not do running motion specific exercise.  XtraEdge gloves force you to run more efficiently and give you better arm drive.

XtraEdge gloves make even walking a much better workout!  They strengthen forearms, triceps, biceps, shoulders, and pectorals while promoting better running form!  The glove holds onto you...you don't have to hold onto them! 

Comfortable and versatile with variable weights, the new XtraEdge gloves are made of breathable, flexible, and wickable materials that make for a comfortable fit and dry quickly! 

XtraEdge gloves are perfect for people trying to get more fitness return/benefits from their 15-60 minute aerobic workouts (not to mention burn more calories!).  Why not combine two workouts into one?  Based on the strength building theory of low weight and high reps, XtraEdge gloves have proven especially good for endurance athletes or those who don't want to use heavy weights. Try them on for just one workout and feel the difference!  Immediate results and measurable gains after just 2 to 4 weeks of usage.

The great thing is you don’t have to change your regular walking/jogging/running/aerobics workout. Just slip on XtraEdge gloves and you will have new and better results! 

XtraEdge gloves are safe and effective and will improve both your upper body strength and endurance as well as your biomechanics!


Our Story

I’m not going to say I was born a runner. My introduction to cross country as a high school freshman was due to my mother’s insistence that I participate in a sport, her intention being to keep me busy and out of trouble. Never did I imagine that I would still be running 40 years later with a few marathons under my belt, countless 5Ks and 10Ks, and a continued passion for the sport that I’ve passed on to my own children.

Admittedly, my pace is a tad slower now and perhaps I take a few more rest days than in the past, but I have no desire to stop. Quite the opposite! I want to maximize the benefits from each of my runs, and that is what inspired me to develop XtraEdge weighted gloves, which are designed with runners and walkers in mind. After more than 12 months of testing a number of prototypes, I have developed a glove that fits like no other. And the benefits are better than even I expected. My upper body strength has noticeably improved, which means a much better arm drive, which means my race pace is actually getting closer to my times of days past. Just as important, my heart rate also increases when I wear the gloves, resulting in a higher calorie burn. Best of all, I haven’t had to alter my exercise routine. I simply slip on the gloves and go. By combining two workouts into one, it’s possible to run stronger and get faster!

XtraEdge took a minimalist approach when designing our weighted gloves. We used the best wicking and breathable materials available that could also support the weights and prevent shifting when running. Your hands stay happy and cool if you are inside on a treadmill or outside on the track. The permanent weight in the top of the glove is a weighted sand so it conforms to your hand. The steel-coated palm weight is removable and designed to fit perfectly in your hand. XtraEdge gloves come in unisex sizes of small, medium and large.

Since using the XtraEdge gloves, my kick has been stronger in races and I have much better arm drive.
— Dave A, Passionate runner

I use XtraEdge gloves every other day and I feel my arms getting stronger...can’t wait for my next race.
— Kevin J. Weekend warrior
XtraEdge Weighted Glove - MEDIUM